Nail Health Screening

Nails color:

Dirty gray nail color
Yellow nail coloring
White nails
Pale nails
Bluish tint of nails
Milky white nails

Shape and relief of nails:

The nails are rounded like a watch glass on thickened phalanges
Short flat nails
Large size half-moon on all nails of the hand
No half-moon on the nails or they are very small
Flat curved nails
Tube-shaped high nails
Flattened-crushed nails
Elongated nails
Bitten nails

Stains on nails:

White cross strokes
Yellowish spots
White spots on the nails
Cyanotic spots and stripes
Triangular nails
Longitudinal grooves on the nails
Transverse grooves on nails
Brittle nails
The nails are brittle and thin, spoon-shaped
Nails phalanges in the form of a mace
Spot indentations on the nails as on a thimble
Layered nails

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