LifePulsePro Prakriti Definition Test

In Ayurveda, an ancient Indian system of medicine, the term "Prakriti" is often used to refer to an individual's unique body constitution or innate nature. According to Ayurveda, every person is born with a specific Prakriti, which is determined by the predominance of the three doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. These doshas are considered to be the fundamental energies that govern various physiological and psychological processes in the body. It's important to note that most individuals have a combination of two or sometimes all three doshas in varying degrees, creating unique Prakritis. Understanding one's Prakriti can help guide personalized lifestyle, dietary choices, and therapeutic interventions in Ayurveda to promote balance, well-being, and prevent imbalances or diseases.

Please answer the following questions:


  1. Mental activity
    • Fast restless mind
    • Sharp intelligence, critical thinking
    • Calm, stable, smooth thinking
  2. Memory
    • Good short-term
    • Good general memory
    • Good long-term
  3. Concentration
    • Good short-term concentration
    • Good average mental concentration
    • Good long-term concentration ability
  4. The ability to learn new consepts
    • Quick
    • Average
    • Slow
  5. Dreams
    • Moving, running, flying, jumping
    • Stormy, enterprising, fiery, with elements of struggle and aggression
    • Include water, clouds, relationships, romance
  6. Sleep
    • Shallow, easily interrupted, wake up often
    • Average, light sleep, average 6-8 hours
    • Continuous long sleep for more than 8 hours, difficult to wake up
  7. Speech
    • Fast, unrestrained, talkative person
    • Accurate, reasoned, sounds convincing
    • Slow, clear, pleasant, not very talkative (good listener)
  8. Voice
    • Low, weak, hoarse
    • Strong, loud, high-pitched
    • Deep, pleasant timbre
  9. Hobby
    • Traveling, dancing, running, aerobics (activities)
    • Sports(competitions)
    • Walking, reading, gardening (entertainment)


  10. The speed of eating
    • Fast
    • Medium
    • Slow
  11. Appetite
    • Variable, unstable, increasing and decreasing
    • Strong, distinct, can't skip meals when hungry
    • Weak, can easily skip meals
  12. Food and drinks
    • I prefer warm food
    • Prefer cool food
    • Prefer dry and warm food
  13. Achieving goals
    • Easily distracted
    • Focused and purposeful
    • Moving towards the goal slowly and steadily
  14. Charity/donations
    • I give a small amount
    • I don't give anything, or I give a large amount sometimes, under the mood
    • I give regularly and generously
  15. Relationships
    • Relationships are often superficial, easily converge
    • Intensive
    • Long and deep
  16. Sexual behavior
    • Changeable or low level of activity
    • Moderate
    • Strong
  17. Activity
    • Fast, unstable, flashy, hyperactive
    • Accurate, orderly, reasonable, motivated, purposeful
    • Slow, steady, relaxed
  18. Work, I have the best performance
    • When my boss controls me
    • When I work alone
    • When I work in a group
  19. Preference in weather
    • Warm and humid
    • Cool / cold
    • Dry and warm; wet and cold
  20. Stress response rate
    • Quick
    • Average
    • Slow
  21. Finance
    • I don't save, I spend quickly
    • I save, but I regularly spend a lot
    • Saving, accumulating wealth
  22. Friendship
    • I tend to have short-term friendships, quickly start relationships
    • I tend to be a loner, work-related friends
    • I tend to form long-term friendships


  23. Mood
    • Changes rapidly
    • Changes slowly
    • Stable, unchanged
  24. Stress response
    • There is fear
    • There is anger, irritation
    • Indifference
  25. More sensitive to
    • My own feelings
    • Not sensitive at all
    • Feelings of others
  26. When threatened, I tend to
    • Run
    • Fight
    • Put up
  27. Relationship with spouse/partner
    • Sentimental, light
    • Jealous
    • Trusted, secure
  28. Expression of affection
    • With the words
    • With gifts
    • With touch
  29. When my feelings are hurt, I
    • Scream, cry
    • Dispute
    • Leave
  30. Internal feelings when problems arise
    • Anxiety, excitement
    • Irritation and anger
    • Calmness or depression
  31. Confidence level
    • Timidity
    • External self-confidence
    • Internal confidence


  32. Hair
    • Thin, dry, straight, often with dandruff
    • Moderate thickness, elegant, tendency to early baldness or graying
    • Oily, thick, black, very wavy, glossy
  33. Skin
    • Thin, dry, cool, rough, cracking
    • Warm, moist, pink, with moles, with freckles, acne
    • Thick, white, wet, cold, tender, smooth
  34. Joints
    • Small, thin, crunching
    • Medium size, soft, loose
    • Large, thick
  35. Fingers
    • Small, thin, dry, cold, rough, long thin fingers
    • Medium, warm, pinkish, moist, moderately pointed fingers
    • Big, tight, cold, strong, thick fingers
  36. Complexion
    • Dark, swarthy
    • Pink-red, shining
    • Pale, white
  37. Eyes
    • Small, dry, thin
    • Medium-sized, sharp
    • Large, glossy, oily
  38. Teeth size
    • Very large or very small
    • Small-medium
    • Medium-large
  39. Body type
    • Body tissues are underdeveloped
    • Moderately developed body, medium build
    • Well-built, dense
  40. Weight
    • Light weight, hard to gain weight, and if I gain weight, I can easily get rid of its excess
    • Average weight, good muscles, can't gain weight easily
    • Overweight, easy to gain weight, very hard to lose weight
  41. How easily do you sweat
    • Only when it's hot
    • Easy, more than I would like
    • Very little
  42. Digestion
    • Tendency to constipation, dry stools and gas formation
    • Strong digestion, normal and free stools
    • Eating once or twice a day, well-formed stools
  43. Endurance/Strength
    • Low endurance, weak patience, fatigue after some activity
    • Averages
    • Great endurance, keep working for a long time