Time Perception Test

The Life Pulse Pro Time Perception Test" is a tool designed to assess an individual's ability to perceive and evaluate time intervals. This test provides insights into how your internal sense of time aligns with the objective time and highlights factors that influence accurate time assessment. The testing process is simple: select a button representing a specific time interval and mentally initiate a countdown. When you decide the designated time has elapsed, press the button to discover the exact time you estimated. This test holds value for various purposes, helping you understand your personal rhythm and time perception, beneficial for task management, planning, training, and scientific research. Whether for personal exploration or scientific inquiry, it offers a deeper insight into our internal perception of time and its influence on daily decisions


You see a set of buttons labeled with numbers.
Each button represents a specific duration in seconds.
Click on any button to start the timer.
The timer will begin counting the milliseconds.
Once you're ready to stop the timer, click on the same button again.
The message will display the elapsed time in milliseconds and the deviation percentage compared to the number written on thebutton.
You can repeat the process with different buttons to test your time perception.
Please remember that the accuracy of time measurement may be limited by using
JavaScript in a web browser and may depend on the performance of the device.
For proper operation of the test timer, select English on some devices.

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