Tongue Health Screening

Tongues color:

white dry with cracks
grey dry tongue
red tongue without plaque
red with black specks
red with cracks
red with a yellow bloom in the middle
red tip
red, swollen, dryish
red thin flabby tongue
red dry tongue
dark red tongue dry
bluish or purple tongue
purple with a yellow bloom in the middle
dirty tongue with a yellow coating in the middle
dirty brown wet tongue
black tongue (exclude food staining)

Tongue shape:

short tongue
long tongue
long edematous with tooth prints on the sides
edematous red tongue
edematous cyanotic tongue
swollen soft tongue

Surface of the Tongue:

rough tongue from the presence of spikes
sores on the tongue
black spots on the tongue
smooth shiny tongue
geographical tongue (desquamative glossitis)
the crack along the middle line is closer to the root
the crack in the middle of the tongue
the crack along the midline is closer to the tip of the tongue
the crack along the entire midline
multiple tongue cracks

Mobility of the Tongue:

rigidity of the tongue
tongue twitching
tongue trembling

Plaque on the Tongue:

white plaque in the center with red edges
white thick wet plaque on the tongue
white thick dry coating
white plaque with yellowness at the root
white dry coating with blackness at the root
gray plaque
yellow dry coating
dry yellow with black in the middle
yellow thick wet plaque
yellow plaque without pronounced dryness
dirty brown plaque
brown-black dry coating

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