Cardiac autonomous neuropathy detection of signs

The LifePulsePro diagnostic system is able to detect symptoms associated with cardiac autonomic neuropathy, a condition characterized by a significant violation of the autonomic regulation of the sinus node of the heart. This disease, often associated with diabetes mellitus, can affect people of all ages and is associated with an increased mortality rate.
Cardiac autonomic neuropathy can lead to instability of heart rate control and complications in both the dynamics of central and peripheral vessels. People with this disease may experience silent ischemia (asymptomatic), myocardial infarction and reduced chances of survival after a heart attack. The diagnosis of cardiac autonomic neuropathy is based on an assessment of heart rate variability and functional tests.
The LifePulse Pro diagnostic system includes functional tests, including a breath test, an orthostatic test and a Valsalva test. The module is equipped with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to retest and track the results in a single window. This simplifies the process and ensures effective monitoring of changes over time.

- Breath Test:This examination evaluates the body's response to controlled breathing by analyzing its effect on heart rate. Patients follow the instructions for deep breathing at a certain frequency, monitoring pulse waves and heart rate intervals. This test stimulates the vagus nerve, giving an idea of the functioning of the autonomic nervous system.

- Orthostatic test: An orthostatic test examines the body's response to changes in posture by measuring the ratio of RR intervals of 30 seconds and 15 seconds in the standing phase. This helps to identify any abnormalities in the cardiovascular and autonomic nervous systems when moving from a prone position to a standing position.

- Valsalva Test: This test evaluates the function of the autonomic nervous system during the Valsalva maneuver. Patients perform forced exhalation with closed airways, while changes in pulse waves are observed and analyzed. This test provides valuable information about the response of the autonomic nervous system to changes in intra-thoracic pressure.

In combination with the analysis of pulse wave spectra, these tests help to identify symptoms associated with cardiac autonomic neuropathy. By assessing heart rate variability and performing these functional tests, healthcare professionals can accurately identify the symptoms of this condition.
Early detection and treatment of autonomic neuropathy of the heart are crucial to optimize patient outcomes and reduce associated risks. The integrated approach offered by the LifePulse Pro diagnostic system ensures timely detection and intervention, providing medical professionals with the tools to provide prompt and appropriate care to patients with autonomic neuropathy of the heart.
In addition, the LifePulsePro diagnostic system not only detects symptoms associated with cardiac autonomic neuropathy, but also does it quickly and with user-friendly ease. This innovative system offers a convenient and effective means of detecting potential signs of this disease.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the informative video presentation below, which demonstrates how the LifePulsePro diagnostic system recognizes the symptoms of cardiac autonomic neuropathy:
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