Psycho-Emotional Coherence and Physical Compatibility by Life Pulse Pro +

"Two Hearts" module

LifePulsePro+. Two hands.

The module is designed to assess the psycho-emotional coherence of two people and the degree of spiritual and physical compatibility. Two pulse sensors are used simultaneously and put on the fingers. The heart of each person creates a spatio-temporal unique pattern of spiritual and physical fields. An echo or shadow of this pattern can be recorded by LifePulsePro pulse sensor. Two pulse sensors can visualize the interweaving of cardiac intervals and pulse wave amplitudes on the same time scale. At a time when two people are next to each other and perform the same tasks, a certain relationship arises between them. The methodology and algorithm of the "Two hearts" module is based on the statement that the heart is the central spiritual and emotional organ. The word "Heart" is associated with an anatomical organ in modern classical medicine. However, from the point of view of ancient philosophy, medicine, and spiritual practices, the heart is a receptacle of spiritual consciousness, emotions, intuition, and love. The heart is presented as a spiritual and emotional organ, not an anatomical blood pump. Not only physical activity, food eaten, or medications affect the work of the heart. The heart is an organ of spiritual perception of relationships between people.
LifePulsePro+. Two hearts

During the test, the biofeedback mode is used. Both people observe the movements of two graphic objects that reflect the work of their own heart and the partner's heart. At the same time, each partner tries to tune into each other's spiritual and emotional field. Joint action or, conversely, opposition to each other is displayed on the screen in the form of an intertwining graphic pattern. During the test, joint actions can be performed. For example, breathing exercises according to a given breathing rhythm or listening to audio files or watching slides or videos. After the end of the test time set by the timers, the recorded pulse waves are analyzed. The spectrographic analysis of pulse waves makes it possible to identify similarities and differences. As a result, the coefficient of coherence between two people is calculated. In addition, the discriminant of two graphs is analyzed using a special technique. This allows us to identify and evaluate the degree of the relationship between the two graphs. We can see at what time the compatibility relationship between people is strengthening or weakening. The Two Hearts module can be useful for practicing family psychologists, psychotherapists, as well as for those interested in problems of interpersonal relationships.
Some screenshots of the software module are presented below:

Simultaneously recording pulse waves from two individuals
LifePulsePro+/ Two hearts module. Recorder Tab.

Two intertwining patterns
LifePulsePro+. Two hearts module. Patterns

Two circle patterns
Two circle patterns

Results of spectrographic analysis
LifePulsePro+. Two hearts module. Spectrographic analysis

Results of discriminant calculation
LifePulsePro+. Two hearts module. Discriminant

Calculation of stress index and spectral power
LifePulsePro+. Two hearts module. Stress index

Results of the psychoemotional compatibility test
LifePulsePro+. Two hearts module. Results of the psychoemotional compatibility test

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